Advancing Healthcare Transformation

Today, our health system struggles with rising costs and varying quality. Delivery of care is fragmented and focused on volume. Patient experience journey is in its infancy. And healthcare doesn’t leverage the full potential. My mission is to serve as a catalyst for the application of innovative technology driven health care management. Because greater adoption of scientific proven practices would have a significant positive impact on the compelling issues of access, quality, and cost of care.




Jakob Tiebel (born 1985) studied applied psychology at the Apollon University of Applied Science in Bremen. His clinical expertise is based on his previous work as an occupational therapist in neurological and neurosurgical early rehabilitation.


In 2012, he switched to the medical supply industry and some time later to medical technology. On behalf of medica Medizintechnik GmbH, as a specialist for clinical applications and head of product management at the intersection of marketing, sales, and research, he was considerably involved in the development of the company's evidence- and robotics-based therapy concepts.


Since 2020, he has been working as Marketing and Sales Manager at Visionary AG, one of the largest Swiss companies for internet-based IT solutions and consulting services in the healthcare sector. The basis of the business activities there is the development, marketing and operation of the internet-based software docbox, which digitally connects over 13.000 doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and other service providers.