Advancing Healthcare Transformation

Today, our health system struggles with rising costs and varying quality. Delivery of care is fragmented and focused on volume. Patient experience journey is in its infancy. And healthcare doesn’t leverage the full potential. My mission is to serve as a catalyst for the application of innovative technology driven health care management. Because greater adoption of scientific proven practices would have a significant positive impact on the compelling issues of access, quality, and cost of care.




Jakob Tiebel completed apprenticeship as occupational therapist in 2008 at the state-approved school for occupational therapy of the German Red Cross Dusseldorf, Germany. His experience in the medical field are based on his work in neurorehabilitation in several years.


In 2012 he changed first into the field of health care providers and 2013 to medica Medizintechnik GmbH. Next to his job as Leading Product Manager and Research & Clinical Application Specialist, cross-departmental projects in healthcare and healthmarketing, are his core tasks.


He is specialised on the implementation of evidence-based treatment concepts into the clinical practice and thus significantly involved in developing therapy concepts of the company and different clinical partners.


Parallely he completes a study for applied psychology at the APOLLON University of Applied Science for health economy in Bremen and leads the IISART Health Economic Group which is dedicated to advance and promote modern healthcare technology in rehabilitation for the benefit of the patient and society at large.